There are a lot of fitness myths everywhere and in today’s fitness-obsessed world, it can seem like no matter where you go, everyone has an opinion on what you should or should not do to achieve your fitness routine. 

So today, we’ve compiled a list of fitness myths that have been quite popular for a long period of time that needs to be debunked.  

Strength Training Makes A Woman Bulky 

Yes, it’s true that men tend to build lean muscle mass faster than women because of the amount of testosterone in their bodies. Women can only produce roughly 10% of the testosterone that men produce naturally  

The same benefits of strength training still apply to women which include muscle toning and body shaping, building lean muscle mass, and fat loss. Incorporating a well-balanced diet with strength training is amazing for women’s health also. 

Focusing On A Specific Body Part Is An Effective Way To Burn Fat In That Are 

In reality, all workouts burn overall body fat. Training one body part in specific to burn more fat in that area is a myth. An appropriate training program paired with a calorie-controlled diet is a great well to reduce overall body fat percentage. 

Cardio Is All You Ever Need To Get Lean 

A common weight loss technique is multiple high-intensity cardiovascular workouts throughout the week paid with very restrictive calorie intake. A purely cardio-based program that doesn’t incorporate strength training and adequate calorie intake can result in quick muscle loss. If getting toned is your goal, then combining cardio and strength training, plus eating a healthy balanced diet is what will get you there. 

Staying Away From Carbs And Proteins 

Carbs aren’t the enemy!! A healthy mix of carbohydrates plus protein is needed for any healthy diet. What matters is choosing what kinds of macronutrients to incorporate into your meals, along with your overall calorie intake based on your individual needs/requirements.