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We have space for 10 committed new clients who want to reach their body goals and are ready to try a new gym. New year, new you. 

 Our membership start from as little as $12.95 per week which includes 24/7 access and discounted infrared sauna access. That’s better value than any of our competitors.

If this sound like something you’re interested in, reach out below and we’ll be in touch. Don’t worry, we’re really friendly and there are no obligations.

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I just finished spending the last two weeks training here. The place has a great vibe, no meat heads just regular everyday people wanting to stay fit. A great range of equipment for a community gym and I really like the 10m/10m no equipment zone. I found myself doing all the warm down exercises I can’t usually do after a weight session. This allowed me to train pain free pretty much everyday. I highly recommend this gym if your on holidays in Torquay and want to maintain your gains. Shout out to Olsen and Jasper for all your support and great job creating such a wonderful oasis away from my in-laws on holidays haha

- Jacob Swierc

Hands down best gym I’ve been to.

Extremely friendly patrons, excellent equipment and exercise machines. Staff are super friendly, are always helpful when asked about nutrition/exercise advice 24hr access, bathrooms always stocked with hygiene items, showers and lockers for bags, couches to chill. Big doors are open and fans are on for a breeze which is super nice when its hot. Can also fill your bottle up at one of the fountains with ice cold water. Super flexible membership options, they also offer 3 days for free within staffed hours. I couldn’t recommend this gym enough to anyone, regardless of fitness level 10/10.

- Tyler Dunn

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Love the team and the atmosphere at Body sculpting! the staff are super friendly and welcoming. The gym is not intimidating, it’s spacious and clean with lots of equipment. And extra points for the old school RNB playlists!!

- Romina Troiani



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4/13 Boneyards Ave
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